3 tips to make your content more shareable

You know that feeling you get when you’re in a big group of people and you suddenly realise someones got snacks? Your ears perk up and you suddenly start glancing around the room desperately hoping it will make its way around to you..

Just me?!

Said snack-lady is sitting there perfectly unaware you even want some, as you try your hardest to communicate through subtle stares at the packet and potentially even an “Oh, are those nice? I’ve never tried them…” subtly waiting for an offer.

It’s the exact same mentality used by so many people when it comes to posting content online and then sitting back and hoping people will share and engage with it.

Now if your content is good enough, that more than likely will start to happen after a while, however, there are also some great strategies that can give your content a boost as well!

So hope you enjoy this weeks’ video- 3 tips to make your content more shareable.



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