3 ways to get your audience emotionally invested in your brand

3 ways to get your audience emotionally invested in your brand

Hey Name,

When I moved to Maroubra 6 months ago, I was set on learning to surf since I live 2 minutes from the beach. So of course I bought a board and a wetsuit and I was ready to go. I did a couple of lessons and picked it up pretty quickly but then the weather started to get colder and surfing became -well- less appealing than sleeping in 😝 So after a break of a couple of months, I set out to pick back where I left off last week and let’s just say the struggle was real.

No matter how hard I tried I could not catch a wave and then I started to get nervous. So I stayed close to the shore where as it turns out is the best spot to surf in Maroubra if you want to get dumped and pummeled off the sand!

This happened two times in a row so I decided to book back in for a lesson. And it was such a nice reminder to realise all you sometimes need in life is a slight change of strategy to 10x your results. It turned out I was way too close to the front of the board resulting in nose dives. 

And no matter how hard I tried – if I stayed in that position, likely I would still be nose diving today. When the reality was I just needed to move back and arc my back more and suddenly surfing became an enjoyable experience for me again.

It always surprises me how quickly I can forget this principle when things aren’t working out and I start doubting myself. When really it’s just about gaining a new perspective and making a few tweaks. Can you relate Name?

That’s why I love what I do so much. Being able to offer that objective perspective when clients have been going in circles with their brand and just need a few tweaks.

And one of the biggest tweaks they (and you!) can make it to get your audience truly emotionally invested in your brand. Because when you can make your audience feel something? You no longer have to work yourself to death perfecting every single feature of your product or service. An emotional connection trumps the perfect packaging or even the most powerful sales funnel.

When you shift your perspective to forming and emotional connection to your audience, it truly is a game changer.

Kady x