4 creativity myths busted by Friends creator Marta Kauffman

You may have heard of that little show called Friends before? Well Marta Kauffman was the brains behind it so if there is anybody that knows a thing or two about creativity, it would have to be her!


On a recent trip to LA with Business Chicks, I attended a Teen Vogue event that brought us behind the scenes of a Netflix show at Universal Studios. Although I wasn’t quite the demographic they were after, I absolutely loved it! Marta was doing a panel discussion with some other members of her company all about creativity and what it takes to get a TV show off the ground. Which it turns out isn’t a whole lot different to branding and what it takes to create a brand that will stand the test of time.


A huge myth that people believe is that they are not creative. I am calling BS on this because if you have a business, guess what, you are creative! I mean, it was you that created it right? You are the visionary of your brand and that, my friend, is creativity.


Flexing your creativity muscle is something that needs to be done regularly in order to create all of the services and programs you want in order to build an amazing biz that has people flocking to your doors. So let’s get a bit of help from one of the best in the biz and take on board the 4 key lessons I learned from marta Kauffman.

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Myth 1: Creativity is something that only happens when you have a muse.

I get it. Coming up with new ideas is hard! There are some days that I don’t particularly feel like writing a blog post of designing a logo. You may tell yourself your not feeling it today or your all out of inspiration. Ready for some tough love à la Kauffman? She says this is an excuse to be lazy. Her exact words? “A TV schedule doesn’t allow time for creative blocks”. Yep, she has to push through these feelings too, just like we all do. Putting a routine and blocking off time is the best way to go and just get it done.

With this in mind, I am sharing the instagram content planner that I have refined over years and now use every week in my business. This keeps me on track and I block out time to get my entire weeks content done in two hours once a week. Get your hands on it here.


Myth 2: You have to do it all alone

The opposite she knows to be true, collaboration is key to creativity! Talk things through with your team and wrestle with ideas. Where are you getting stuck? Can you brainstorm some solutions? Keep throwing ideas out there and see what sticks.

Kauffman also stresses the importance of a supportive work environment and fostering a space that you can work together and get some help.

Don’t have a team? Chat to some fellow friends that are business owners. Have a catch up each week where you both have a chance to brainstorm ideas for each others business. I do this all the time with my friend Berleena and it’s awesome!


Myth 3: You shouldn’t fail

Failure is part of the process. Try not to look at things as failures and rather as learning opportunities. Kauffman makes sure she reflects every time she creates something to truly learn what went well or not so well.

Equally important is being able to recognise when something is not working and being able to throw an idea out.


Myth 4: You need to work hard at being creative

Creativity can come from anywhere and it’s usually comes when least expected. Learn what your own creativity process is. Maybe you get ideas when your out for a walk, doing yoga or in the shower. Make sure to incorporate this into your routine. When you run out of ideas, do something else. Go for a swim in the ocean or just step outside to get some fresh air. Chances are, as soon as you step away, that’s when an idea pops right into your head!


So whether you think you are creative or not, what can you take from Marta Kauffmans advice and apply to your own business right now? Comment below and let me know.

Don’t forget to grab my done-for-you instagram content planner here. You are not going to miss this one!

You have what it takes to improve your life and business and I am with you all the way.



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