4 ways to stay creative and inspired in your business ✨

Over the past couple of years in my business, I have tried everything you can imagine to stay creative and in flow. From batching content creation to organising my calendar into different categories to experimenting with meditation at different times of the day.

And while there is no perfect solution for everybody, I have found 4 distinct ways that have significantly helped me to stay focused and in creative flow.

We are so conditioned to just sit at a desk from 9-5 every day that sometimes we forget to stop and ask ourselves if this is how we can be truly productive. And if you let yourself get caught up in everyone else’s deadlines, without putting some boundaries in place to protect your time to work on your own goals, it won’t be long until you feel like you have no creativity left to give.

So if you’ve been feeling a little burnt out or uninspired lately, make sure you check out todays video to get a bit of your spark back!



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