5 steps to build your personal brand

This year, I’ve been trying to become a more conscious consumer and try to only spend within my means (imagine that!) After a big year last year getting married and with the hopes of buying our first home this year, I’m on a bit of a budget.

This means taking a break from shopping and sticking to what’s already in my wardrobe (there’s a fair amount of clothes in there, especially after last year!)

Surprisingly, I’ve been sticking to it really well and was just telling a friend over coffee at the weekend how nice it was to have a reset and cut back on spending on silly things.

That was until this morning! I was eating lunch in my Paddington office listening to the rain bucketing down and having a scroll through instagram. That’s when Jane Lu, CEO of Showpo appears in my feed modelling some amazing outfits that were on sale through the Showpo app with a direct link.

And I couldn’t resist. 

I bought a few new items and they are on their way to me as I type. Even though I broke my ban, I’m secretly pretty pleased with the new purchases and can’t wait for them to arrive! Hey I gave it a good go for a few months, I deserve this, right?!

Anyway, this got me thinking of the power of a personal brand. I follow Jane and love her story of corporate turned accidental entrepreneur. She has a brilliant online presence and a huge following which would 100% be making an impact on her business and brand.

You see I could buy clothes anywhere. There are a million sales going on at any one time. But I can’t relate, respect and be inspired by all of the store founders. I follow Jane because I love her story and it makes me feel good to support her business, rather than some faceless store I know nothing about.

It’s worth thinking about whether your own personal brand could impact your business in a  positive way? After all, people buy from people so having a face of your brand can only be a good thing. 

So if you’re thinking of creating your own personal brand this year, find out how in this weeks video.

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