A Defence Of Creative Business Cards

Creative Business cards are a seemingly old-school form of advertising. They’ve been around for decades, and with the rise of the internet you’d think that they wouldn’t be needed anymore, right? Wrong!

Creative business cards are a highly valued and respected form of marketing. The reason they’re still used after all these years is simple – they work.

Just the other day I was having lunch in the gorgeous Bread and Circus in Sydney and on my way out the door, the most beautiful pastel stock caught my eye. The love and care that went into their cards just showed the attention to detail they have for every aspect of their business. Their pastel cards were quite simple but striking and printed on a luxurious thick matte stock.

I’m here to convince you that well-designed, thoughtful and creative business cards are an essential for showing off your brilliant business. People really do notice the small touches.


They’re A Must-Use Marketing Tool


They are a cornerstone of self-advertising. They’re an especially good marketing tool for small businesses. Creative business cards are a personalized “hello!” to each and every person that you meet and is the first insight into your values as a business.

Do you want to look thoughtful, considered and quality or cheap and flimsy? I’m thinking the former, right?


 Creative Business Cards : First Impressions Count

They are a wonderful opportunity to make your first impression really matter. A terribly executed card is like insulting someone on a first date; they’re not gonna want to call you afterwards.

Make sure it appeals to the audience you’re trying to target. For example, if your business is in organic body butters, you should be aiming to catch the attention of women that value natural products. Your cards need to reflect this. You could use a gorgeous recycled stock that immediately shows you are all about nature.


You Can Bring Them Anywhere, Anytime

There is nothing worse than a chance encounter with someone you would absolutely love to work with and you do not have a business card! Make sure to always keep some in your purse as you never know when you will get an amazing opportunity.


An Opportunity to Shine

Creative business cards should be a testimony to your business, advertising it in a welcoming and appealing light. You should work alongside a skilled designer to get the cards just right.

Be sure to work colours, fonts and paper stock to your advantage. You and your designer should be displaying your business in a professional yet unforgettable manner. This is your first impression so make it a good one.


They’re Cheap as Chips

Designing, printing and handing out creative business cards is a much more cost-effective form of marketing than most. While other forms of marketing are essential, business cards are a great way to get one foot on the marketing ladder.

Paper marketing is an necessary type of marketing and shouldn’t be ignored. Printing in bulk won’t break the bank and you can always do a second run on a cheaper stock for trade shows or when you need to hand them out in mass, keeping your Lux cards only for somebody special!

These days there are so many bad and cheap business cards it is almost the ‘norm’. Good news for you though as you will stand so far apart for the crowd when you decide to do something creative and thoughtful with yours.

We want to help your business shine as brightly as it can, playing on your passions and strengths to show off the real you! If you need any help helping your brand to shine, feel free to check out our past projects drop us a line.

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