A peek into my brand strategy for 2019

If you’ve ever been the type to watch a magic trick and immediately need to understand how it was done this brand strategy post is especially for you!

Last week, we took a look at how to choose your brand strategy and align it to your perfect client.

But if you are curious like me and love to take a peek under the hood to see how other people apply strategies, keep reading.

Today on the blog, I’m posting a piece by piece breakdown of some of the key brand strategies we will be focusing on this year here at Kady Creative. 

If one of your goals for this year is to grow your email list then this post in for you. I’ve even created a free download to help you choose the perfect opt-in for your brand.

The below are some of the strategies I will be working on over the year, not all at the one time. I truly believe in having a laser like focus and doing one big thing at a time and doing it well. (I’ve learned this the hard way, trust me!) I’m really excited to share this inside look, let’s dive right in!


Brand strategy #1: Growing an email list

I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve heard of the importance of an engaged list. Studies show that email has a 72% convertion rate. That is huge! While a strong social media account can be amazing, its important to remember that you do not own these contacts. Anyone remember MySpace? If the same fate was to be seen for facebook or Instagram, where does that leave us? The best way to grow your email list is with an opt-in or lead magnet on your website. This is where you have a beautifully designed checklist or ebook on your website offering valuable content for free in exchange for your audiences email. Not only will this make you look like a complete pro, it will help spread your message to a wider audience too. Not sure what type of lead magnet magnet is right for you? Get my free worksheet right here.  

Brand strategy


Brand strategy #2 Doing a website revamp 

I am all for constant improvement. While I don’t think websites typically need a complete overhaul more frequently than every 4-5 years if they have been done well, I love to do an annual update. If your anything like me, my services, my perfect client and my goals have shifted slightly in the past year. I still have the same brand with the same values but there are some strategic learnings that I would like to implement. For example, I have realised that my favourite methods of helping clients to grow and position their brand as iconic is through websites, ebooks and Instagram. So I have created 3 free resources that that aligns with each of these services and have added this to my homepage. I have also updated the fonts and colours slightly for a fresh new feel. It was not a huge job by any means, but it feels like a breath of fresh air to me and I know it is 100% aligned with my perfect client.


Brand strategy #3 Creating a course or membership program

I have worked with multiple clients last year creating websites that have beautiful websites for their tribe and I absolutely love it. I am also a huge course fan myself and have gotten so much value from ones I have taken in the past (all time fav: Amy Porterfields List Builders lab). I see the huge value of creating video content and educational resources and this is something I will be working towards this year. I want to make a course or membership that will help my clients easily build a brand and business they love. I don’t know exactly how this will look just yet, but I plan on doing some polls throughout the year to make sure I deliver something that will give people incredible value and the exact tools they need to build a brand with a WOW factor.


Brand strategy #4: Improving my customers experience at every step of working together

Often we look externally at strategies for growing our brand and equate it to growing our audience and client list. But a successful brand is one that is adored by a loyal tribe because it is there to serve them. Where can you inject a bit of love into your customer journey? For me, I am creating a brand new tribe portal which is filled with beautifully designed questionnaires, resources and proposals that makes the entire process fun to be a part of an extremely helpful at every step with training videos, downloads and prompts to help the branding and website process run smoothly and over-deliver on expectations.



I want to remind you I will be working on all of these one at a time, so I am most definitely not trying to overwhelm you or make you feel like you have to do all of this too. Choose one or two things that feel right for you and let’s enjoy building our brands together!


If you want you get your hands on the free cheat sheet for creating a beautiful opt-in, grab that here. Thank you so much for being here and I would truly love to know what your number one strategy will be for growing your brand this year? Let me know below!


See you back here next week,

Here’s to dreaming big.

Kady x

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