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Let's Be Real.

Building a truly epic business requires a lot of hard work, sweat and a few tears (or many). But let me tell you, it can also be one of the most magical and rewarding experiences of your life. The good news is, you’re not alone in this process.

At Kady Creative, our mission is to take the stress, overwhelm and complicated jargon out of the branding and website design process. With extensive experience working with hundreds of brands (from bloggers, restaurants to authors), we’ll be your creative partners in crime to get your brand off the ground in a fast and fun way (with a few Dad jokes thrown in at no extra cost). Together, let’s ignite your creative vision and translate it into the brand you have only ever dreamed about. Our goal is to illuminate your brand’s brilliance, showcase your expertise and articulate your unique value in a way that connects with your audience.

Here’s to a virtual ‘cheers’ towards taking the first step.

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This 20 minute discovery call is designed to cut through the branding jargon and overwhelming website lingo found all over the internet. Kady will give you simple advice to help you move forward in growing your business. No obligations, we just genuinely love to connect with and help our tribe!

what we stand for

Real connection
We believe that great branding begins with great uderstanding. We want to delve deeply into your vision and get to know everything about you and your new brand. We also beleive that connecting with like-minded business owners, helping one another to succeed and cheering others on is what life is all about. We genuinly want to get to know you and bring you into the Kady Creative family. Yes we want you to have a superstar brand, but even more than that we want to create an exprerience. We want to make you feel like part of our community. We are always rooting for you.

Endless curiosity
We are avid learners and love self-development almost as much as our daily almond capp. We are a visual mecca, soaking up the latest design trends and strategic know-how. We strive for continuous improvement through bettering ourselves daily. We are always happy to advise on the best strategies – from standing out in a saturated market to the best ring-light to use in your youtube videos. We beleive in sharing, in giving away our best secrets. Because like you, we are on this planet to learn and to serve.

Contagious enthusiasm
Not only can creating the brand of your dreams be easy and overwhelm-free, it can be fun! We are fiercely optimistic and can always find opportunities, even from what was initially a ‘problem’. We are passionate about what we do, so it never feels like work to us. We are bursting at the seams with ideas and love nothing more than getting to share them. Our forte is taking the complex and breaking it down into bite sized chunks to give you the tools to succeed, and when we see that happening, it is the fire that fuels us.

Empowering creativity
Whether we are getting creative in the studio choosing the perfect colour schemes for your website, or creative problem solving, this is what gets us up in the morning! We would choose a podcast on creative strategies to attarct more leads into your funnel that a bestselling novel any day of the week. Our dream day of working is meeting new clients and figuring out ways around their roadblocks. We beleive that creativity should be empowering, and we bring you along on this journey with us, as co-pilot and fellow collaborator. No egos here, no design jargon. Just a clear roadmap to fast-track you to your goals.


Kady O Connell is a brand strategist, food photographer and cookbook author. Her extensive experience in branding has taken her all over the world, and she’s now based in Sydney, Australia. These days, the holistic lifestyle she leads in sunny Bondi has naturally paired Kady with clients such as The Fit Foodie, Brenda Janschek and JSHealth by Jessica Sepel. Kady has an innate understanding of brand strategy, with all the skills to bring her visions to life. Kady’s personal love lies with food and photography. She recently styled, shot, designed and co-wrote her first cookbook, Behind the Half Door – Stories of Food and Folk, which has been nominated for a GOURMAND award. A truly remarkable patchwork of Irish history, emotion-filled interviews and authentic recipes, it’s co-authored by her good friend, food-lover and journalist Biddy McLaughlin.

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