Behind the scenes of the branding process ⚡️

When I first started my property journey, I was asking everyone and anyone about their experience with property and investing.

I remember one morning, a friend started telling me that he had two investment properties which were purchased with an interest only mortgage (aka he was only paying off interest each year, not the actual house price itself).

I was pretty skeptical and thought that did not sound like a very good strategy at all. I mean why bother buying something if you are only paying fees rather than paying towards the actual THING.

A few months later, and after tonnes more research, it turns out this can be a great strategy to minimise tax and make money from the property value going up.

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ANYwho, it was a great reminder that it can be very easy to make assumptions and be skeptical when you don’t know too much about the process involved in something and the full strategy.

Now don’t lie to me, but I bet at one point or another you have thought to yourself “Why would I pay for the branding / website process when I can just make a logo on Canva (or website on Wix?”

Am I right or am I right ? 😉

Don’t worry, I am most definitely not one to judge. I would probably also think that that way if I didn’t know the process (and more importantly), the benefits and tangible results you can actually apply to your business from going through a process like that.

So for the first time ever, I am pulling back the curtains and giving you a front row seat to a sneak peak, behind the scenes look at the entire branding process.

Whether you have an established brand or you just have the very seed of an idea, make sure to check this out to get some insights into how you can add real value to your business through the branding experience.

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