Branding and Logos: Are they the same?

Branding and Logos: Are they the same?

The age old question! Branding and Logos; is there even a difference? If I asked you, What is Branding; what would your answer be?

Would you say it’s your logo?

Maybe your image?

Maybe your website or your business cards?


Well, you’re mostly right and if you’re a little confused about the whole branding and logos thing, don’t stress it’s so common.


Let’s start with a Logo. Your Logo is the Face of your company.

It’s a consistent visual that represents your company and it’s everywhere. Every document, communication, advertising, promotion, marketing, physical and digital home you have will have your logo.  An effective Logo is a compelling visual concept that easily identifies your business.


Brand. Brand is your image.

If a Logo is your face and helps people visually identify your business, than a Brand is your image. Your image is how people perceive you and how you wish to be perceived. Are you fun, friendly, professional, creative, quirky etc. and does your brand consistently reinforce these messages?

Are the things you create, do and say aligning with your Brand?  An effective Brand delivers the same message in creative and diverse ways and creates trustworthy and reliable customer relationships.

To create a consistent and trustworthy Brand, you need creative and diverse assets to share your message. This includes but is not limited to; colour scheme, images, fonts, content, functionality, the user experience, language, tag lines, watermarks, websites, social media etc.

Effective Branding is a library of physical and digital assets, created specifically to reinforce your Brand.


When it comes to Branding; consistency is king.

Imagine you asked me to make you a cake that looked exactly like this picture.

So I made the cake and it looked picture perfect, only it tasted like cardboard and there’s no way you’d share it with any of your guests.

That’s a Logo on it’s own.

Now imagine you asked me to make you a cake that looked like the picture AND tasted like delicious. You gave me a recipe and you wanted the cake to be an experience your guests will remember.

So I made the cake and it was the highlight of the night, so good in fact that your friend had the EXACT same cake at her party the next weekend.

That’s your Brand as a whole.


Branding and Logos: Your Logo is one part of your overall brand


Let’s bake a cake; a kick-ass, carb loaded, calorie rich cake that tastes even better than it looks. You’ll probably tell all your friends about this amazing cake and let’s face it, they’ve all seen it on your Instagram anyway, hashtag yum!

Well that’s what Branding and a Logo is. A logo is the face, it’s the picture on Instagram, it’s your first thought when you looked at the cake and it’s the aethestic that immediately made you think “Yum, I have to have it!”

Branding is the contents, it’s the consistency, the taste, the thing that you tell your friends about. It’s the overall experience of eating that amazing cake and if you were to make it again, it had to exactly as delicious as before or it would ruin everthing.


One without the other is possible. You can have a beautiful Logo that entices and entrigues people, but just like a cake; something can look great and taste awful.  Likewise, you might be the best baker on earth but if it looks like a dogs breakfast, it’s unlikely people are going to taste it and discover your supreme awsomeness.


At Kady Creative, that’s what we do. We give you your cake and yes, you can eat it too! We create logos with the “omg” kind of moment for your business, backed up by consistent, overall branding that proves your sumpreme awsomeness. Your business should look as good as it tastes and your customers will expect that delicious service time and time again with our expert Branding and logos service.