Want to attract and approach your dream clients knowing you look the part? We collaborate with you to build a brand you love, so you can start flaunting it loud and proud.

We believe that every business needs to feel confident in their brand in order to show up online consistently and connect with a loyal tribe. We also believe the process of building a brand should be fun and stress-free. Our process is simple. We empower you with a beautiful brand and strategy so you have all the tools to start killing it online.

Our 6 Pillar Process

Once you have paid the initial deposit and are booked into a design slot, we will kick things off by getting you set up in your very own client portal. This keeps the entire project extremely streamlined and organised. Inside this hub you will find training videos to learn all about how to differentiate your brand and connect with your dream client.

Next, you will complete in-depth branding questionnaires about your business. This will allow us to get to know every last detail about your business. We love getting to know what makes you tick and hearing all aboutyour big vision. This allows us to create the most powerful strategy for you to reach your goals.

Now it’s time for us to dive into the initial strategy consultation. Here we go through your questionnaires in detail. We get crystal clear on your messaging, your dream client, what you want to be known for and the best way to position your brand to make an emotional connection with your audiene and grow a loyal tribe.

Look and feel moodboard
We spend time researching your market and the brands you admire. We then curate a look and feel moodboard that we feel encapsulated the vision and aesthetic you have shared with us. We present this to you in a PDF and get your thoughts and feedback. This is an essential step to get to know your tastes even better so we can nail your brand the first time.

Brand identity concepts
We get busy in the studio creating unique concepts that truly reflect your brand personality. We present the top three concepts that we have finessed and whole-heartedly believe will do justice to your business. We are 100% confident in our branding process and back all of our brands with the Brand me beautiful guarantee™.

Brand bible, collateral and action plan
Once your concept has been chosen and refined, we create a brand bible that outlines the design direction for your brand including all of your logos files, fonts and colour palette. At this stage we also create any design collateral that you have chosen for your brand. To wrap things up we will have another consultation and give a recommendation for your top three strategies to focus on to grow your brands impact.


Brand me beautiful guarantee™

Like everything in life, you’ll only get out of the branding process what you put into it. But we are confident that if you collaborate with us and go through the 6 pillar system, we will be able to create a logo that you love. Instead of giving you 3 revisions like most branding agencies, instead, we will do whatever it takes whether that is 2 changes or 22. This is your baby and we want you to LOVE your brand. That being said, we are firm beievers that the universe rewards momentum and want you to get out there as soon as you can so you can start showing up and killing it online. So we have a timeline of three weeks from the start date that this guarantee applies to.

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