Business hack: Four things I’m loving this month

I’m a huge fan of a good business hack and if something can save you time / boost your bottom line, sign me up! I always find myself stumbling across awesome resources and tools so I want to share the love and hopefully it will help you too.


Business hack: Etsy for client gifting

Probably my favourite part of the entire branding experience is hand selecting the perfect client gift at the end of the process to show my gratitude and make their brand shine. Each client is so unique and gifting is such a personal thing, that I typically will select something different and new each time. Thank goodness for Etsy, my BFF for finding amazing and custom gift ideas. Here are a few of the gifts I have been buying lately, hope it helps drum up some ideas.

  • Gold class movie tickets for a psychologist and movie buff
  • Custom engraved wooden and glass memory sticks for a videographer with his showreel pre-loaded
  • Custom engraved cheese board for a food loving client
  • Custom stamp and gold ink for a stylish interior designer

I featured this business hack over on my insta during the week and the response was huge! What an epic life hack. You simply sign up and unsubscribe from any newsletters you no longer want to be getting in just one click. Where have you been all my life?


Unfold app

This phone app is the bees knees for editing your Instagram stories. Easily create amazing layouts and designs for your photos and stories that will keep you looking professional and stylish across all of your social media.



Leslie Odum Jr: The art of booking gigs

Have a listen to this podcast and just try not to be inspired as hell! Leslie Odum Jr. is a grammy award winning actor and star of the Broadway sensation Hamiltion (also epic and worth going to when in London). He speaks to Lewis Howes on The school of greatness podcast and it is spine-tingling good.

After being a child star, Odum spend a decade in his 20’s not getting much work at all. In this episode he reveals the secret that turned it all around and had him booked solidly for 6 years, before his ground-breaking performance in Hamilton won him a Grammy.



I hope you enjoyed this round up as  much as I enjoyed putting it together. I think I will feature a post like this regularly going forward to share all the goods.

If you have any equally good life hacks, please comment below and share with me!

Much love always,

Kady x


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