How do you get your audience to actually care about your brand?

How do you get your audience to actually care about your brand? Why should they do business with you over a competitor? And how do you build a brand so strong that it has an invested and loyal following?

It’s all down to how you make people feel. 

As much as consumers like to think they are savvy, comparing the prices and features of multiple brands, research suggests this is not actually the case.

In fact, studies carried out by Harvard professor Gerald Zaltman show what consumers really think and feel contradicts what they say.

Zaltman gleaned this insight by studying the unconscious physical reactions of consumers. 

Studies completed by neuroscientists have found that people whose brains are damaged in the area that generates emotions are incapable of making decisions.

This shows us that what really drives consumer behaviour is emotion.

This concept is critical when it comes to branding, because so many of us use our rational minds to try to market and sell products, and speak to clients about the logical inclusions of a service or the physical features of a product.

Meanwhile, your audience is likely zoning out at that point because you haven’t been able to make them feel anything.

They’re not excited or angry or inspired, so they don’t take any action.

So when SmartCompany asked me to dive into a few ways brands truly connect with customers and clients, I gladly shared my insights.