Using Niche Marketing to DOMINATE with Your Brand

Now, I know you may be thinking Niche Smiche, we have heard it all before. But the thing is, it is very hard to really stand out and cut through the masses of advertising we are exposed to every day. Using niche marketing allows you to zone right in on the exact people you want to talk to. It also makes you more memorable because you have more to distinguish your business. Instead of an accountant, you are an accountant that specialises in working with mums. This is actually a really good thing! You don’t have to become some cookie-cutter generic business person, YOU get to decide what you want to do.

It’s easier to become an expert in a smaller category

For example, let’s say you are a food blogger – awesome! That’s great but how many food blogs exist on the internet? Millions! Now I am not trying to scare you but I am trying to point out that for you to be noticed, it is going to be so much easier if you cater to a specific smaller niche. “But what if I miss out on readers because they can’t find pasta recipes and I focus only on cupcakes I hear you ask. Well if you miss out on some readers it’s no big deal because you will gain so many new readers by being specific.

Let’s take a real life example. I am looking for dinner ideas for a party over the weekend. Chances are – I’m going to look for an established brand to source this delicious recipe like Donna Hay or Jamie Oliver who I know will have something I am looking for. Now, say I am looking for a gluten free vegan soup – well then, I’m going to be paying a virtual visit to Deliciously Ella who I know caters to that type of food. Not only does niche marketing make you unique, it allows you to form deeper connections  with the people that you work with and sell to. 

Stay front of mind in your niche instead of competing against generic ‘I do it all’ brands

Think about it – if your friend asks you to recommend a great place to buy a bikini – are you going to say Seafolly or David Jones? Sure David Jones do bikinis and I’m sure they are just fab, but it’s not going to be front of your mind. In that same way Seafolly are getting a large chunk of the market of bikini shoppers compared to if they sold shoes and clothes as well. You follow?

When I started Kady Creative I wanted to focus on Women in the health and food industry but I was terrified that I would scare away other potential clients. Now, I realise that there are plenty of clients to go around for everyone and if you focus on what you do best you will not lose out in any way, shape or form. What this does is allow you to understand how to speak to and reach your audienceThis in turn makes coming up with a marketing strategy so much easier!

Besides, I often get enquiries from women that are in fashion or starting a new e-commerce store and I am happy to help. Niche marketing really comes down to “Would you rather be a big fish in a small pond or a small fish in a big one?” Trust me, I do understand the feeling of not wanting to box yourself in or label yourself. If you are still coming to terms with this concept, why not try it out slowly?

Niche marketing actionable step

I challenge you to focus in on one specific product or service on your home page of your website and that you spend your energy trying to market. You can still feature other products and services on other pages of the website. Need some help working out what should be your speciality service? We’ve got you! Download our signature Kady Creative niche marketing worksheet.
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