How we have increased our leads with one simple strategy

The biggest question during the branding and website process I ask is Why? This simple little one word question may seem small but just look at Simon Sinek who has written 2 entire books on the topic. You see, you need to know exactly why you are adding a certain feature, a certain font.. Otherwise it is not adding any value to your brand or website. It isn’t doing the hard work for you.


The reason you go the hard yards when developing a brand is so that it will continue to work for you far into the future. You spend a lot of time on brand strategy and then you sit back, coffee in hand and watch the glorious results of all your big ideas. That is the fun part!


So when I created our websites lead magnet, I had to ask myself again why I was doing this. I wanted to engage and interact with website visitors and make it super easy for people to navigate the site and find what they need. I wanted to do this in a fun and interactive way. So when I discovered Interact quiz softwareI was thrilled to discover a fun, engaging & dynamic platform. We have been going strong ever since! These guys are so good that we have decided to partner with them.


Interact is a tool that helps you drive leads and sales with engaging content. They have multiple settings and options to create a quiz and integrate it with your mailchimp (or other) newsletter account. It is so easy to use, looks beautiful but more importantly it gets you results. And this is our WHY for adding the quiz. We want to connect with as many of our audience as we possible can. And I’m sure you do too? So I’m about to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes and show you how you too can increase your leads with this powerful platform by creating a quiz your audience will love!


Step 1: Decide on your quiz strategy

You want people to be crying out to get the results of this quiz. By adding humour or hot tips you will be sure to have tonnes of your audience taking it. Remember – ask yourself why you want your audience to do this quiz? It helps to think backwards ie. What 2 answers at the end do you want people to have. In my quiz – they either do or don’t need some pointers in branding. This works for us as we love to help businesses with their new brand and that is our WHY.


Here are some great examples of fun and intrigueing quizzes:

  • What sacred money archetype are you?
  • What is your ultimate holiday destination
  • What is your brand voice style?
  • What is your must have superfood to feel amazing?
  • What are your superpowers?



 Step 2: Choose your template


Luckily, Interact has a whole lot of pre-made templates which is perfect for anyone not-so-techy. For the tech supertars that want to create something custom, that option in also available.


Step 3 : Pick your quiz type

  • Option 1 – Assessment: Test knowledge in fun ways. Each quiz question will have one correct answer. Example: How much do you actually know about the whole foods?
  • Option 2 – Personality: Make your own version of the classic personality quiz. Each quiz taker will see a personality type that applies to them and can be shared. Example: What kind of marketing superhero are you?
  • Option 3 – Scored: Make your own version of a scored quiz. Each answer has a score value associated with it and each quiz taker will see receive a score that corresponds to a unique score range. Example: What is your marketing IQ?



 Step 4: Quiz takeoff


Now for the fun part! Pick some fun and engaging questions, link it to your mailchimp and then add it to your website. Top Tip: You could also run a facebook ad campaign to get even better engagement and it would be much more interactive than an image ad.



Your turn


Try Interact free for yourself with this 14 day free trial. Make sure you post your quiz below so I can check it out. Did you have fun with it? Did you boost your engagement? Comment below, I would love to know.


Kady x


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