Introducing our secret weapon for building your brand and growing your audience! We create a beautiful ebook for you and give you a tried-and-tested promotion strategy you can use to grow your audience and impact.

Send us your manuscript and we will design a book that will fly off the shelves. (PS. Don’t let the words put you off, we have amazing copywriters if you need that extra help).

Our 4 Step Method

You talk – we listen. After breakthrough questionnaires and visual references, a look and feel moodboard is created for your ebook. This allows us to uncover your style and understand your vision deeply before creating your book.

Stunning design
A mini design theme is created for your ebook or book. This allows us get the layout, fonts, colour and look and feel perfect. Once this is nailed, we continue to design the rest of the eBook.

We get you covered
Next we create 2 beautiful cover options that encapsulates your ebook style. Choose the one you love most.

Launch time
Your ebook becomes interactive or your book is sent to print. We gift you a copy of our ebook A-List Brand: How to stand out in a busy niche by creating an epic book so you know exactly how to launch it.


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