Finding an ebook cover designer that gets your brand

I have been a busy bee here at Kady Creative over the past few months. On top of running a design business, I have spent the last 18 months writing, photographing, designing and publishing my first book, Behind the Half Door – Stories of Food and Folk. I wrote this book with a brilliant and quirky journalist in Dublin, Ireland.

It is launching next week and there is a whirlwind of excitment going along with it. It is such a great feeling to see something you worked damn hard on come to life! It was a great experience to be on this side of things because usually I am the designer and photographer in the background of other peoples books. This has been a really eye opening experience to see how it feels for the author and boy it is FUN!

What an amazing feeling to see your ideas and work spread and become a tangible thing. I started to think, what makes a book great? I started to notice the feedback I was getting from everybody. That’s when I realised your cover is by far the most important thing you must get write when writing your book or ebook.

The cover of Behind the Half Door was taken in my co-author Biddy’s fishermans cottage in Dalkey. It is such a quaint building with a bright red door. Surrounding us outside are lobster pots and family heirlooms dating back to the Irish famine that gives it a really quirky vibe.

Every single person has commented on how much they love the cover. Now, I am not saying this to boast in any way or to sing our own praises. I am just fascinated by the impact a cover can make. At the end of the day, the cover is the only part of a book many people get to see… unless they purchase it. It is the first visual they get to inform them of what is coming up inside. And now, I can assure you it is the best investment you can make to guarantee your books success.

Download a free sample of Behind the Half Door – Stories of Food and Folk here!


The greatest book covers are ones that bring out a curiosity in us. They’re eye-catching, creative, sometimes quirky, and always interesting. They use cool, unusual imagery, complementary colour schemes and strong fonts.

Think about your favourite books and how you came across them – did the covers jump from the shelves? Did the images move you, enticing you to open the book up and flick through the pages?

In a world where almost every online business has an ebook or two to offer, it’s important to stand out and shine amongst a sea of Amazon ebook listings.

Your cover is the part of your book that every reader will lay eyes on first. It’s the ideal opportunity to present your idea to the world the way you’d like it to be seen.

Ebook covers are just as important as physical book covers, so it’s super essential to find a good ebook cover designer. But wait – “Can’t I just design it myself?” I hear you cry.

Well, you could… but unless you do it for a living, then designing your own cover isn’t necessarily the best idea!


Now, nobody’s expecting you to just hand your brainchild ebook over to a stranger and have them design a cover. That’s a recipe for disaster – and a cover that doesn’t display your vision.

You need to shop around a little bit and find an ebook cover designer that matches the goals, aesthetic and general vibe of your book.

Once you’ve settled with an ebook cover designer that you feel will do your book justice, it’s time to plan out your cover!

To get the cover that best represents your amazing ebook, you have to be ready to work alongside your ebook cover designer. You shouldn’t let your vision get lost in a pit of jargon and flashy gimmicks.

Don’t be shy – send on your ideas to your designer. Get on Pinterest and search for colour schemes, images, fonts and the overall aesthetic of the book is all important info that your designer can work with. The more ideas you give them, the more likely you’ll be satisfied with the end product!

For example, if it’s a cookbook then send on high-quality snaps of some of the delicious cooked recipes. If it’s an ebook about healthy living, pick out vibrant colour schemes and fonts that display the message of your book clearly.

At the end of the day, your ebook is something that you will have worked on for a long time. It’s going to be another important part of your business. You deserve a cover that will do it justice and make it pop!


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