How to easily narrow down your target audience

I know you’ve heard this time and time again: you need to have a niche and know who your ICA is (that’s your ideal customer avatar, for anyone new to this game).

We’ve all heard about it, but let’s be honest here. Nobody actually WANTS to spend their afternoon thinking what their imaginary ideal customer is eating for breakfast.

I get it. It sucks!

But here’s the annoying truth. It really does matter.

I didn’t pay it huge significance when I first started out, but since then I’ve seen firsthand what an impact having this clarity has made in both my own business and my clients’.

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It’s the difference between sitting at your laptop with writers block for 2 hours trying to create a 200 word blog post, versus whipping it up as effortlessly as a tweet.

And I know which one I’d choose. I’ve spent too many afternoons staring blankly at a screen, only to get distracted down some internet rabbit hole doing an online quiz about what type of cheese I would be.

So, I’ve done my best to take some of the pain out of this exercise and give you some easy, actionable tips to defining your dream client so you know exactly what to say to them and how.

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