How to make your brand message more memorable

I’ve a funny feeling that if you’re subscribed to this list you’re probably pretty interested in growing your brand and love learning and self-development. Chances are you’ve spent some time thinking about your goals and even writing them down to stay on track.

Words are so powerful when it comes to goal-setting but what might not be so obvious is the power of verbalising your brand message in a succinct way that draws people in.

The same way clear goals give you focus, a memorable and succinct brand message gives your complete clarity in your business. I’m not exaggerating when I say finally nailing mine has transformed my brand.

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I’ve become so much clearer on what I do for clients on a deeper level (think: giving my customers confidence rather than ‘designing logos & websites’). And guess what? If you’re not 100% clear on what you do and cannot verbalise it in a great way, nobody else will either! And there is nothing worse you can do as a brand than cause people uncertainty and confusion.

The problem is we are all too close to our own brands that it’s hard to be self-aware. Being able to confidently pitch yourself and your business and answer the dreaded “so what do you actually do?” question at events in a way that engages and excites people is a game-changer.

In fact it’s one of the core principles of the BRANDFLUENCE program sit really is the core of everything else you do.

So to help you craft a better message, watch this video to get my top 3 tips (in under 2 minutes too! 😉

Then keep track of your progress in this handy FREE branding checklist.


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