How to overcome the fear of showing up online

Do you ever feel like you need to overcome fear of showing up online so you can grow your business?

I knew something was up when I burst into tears just practicing my speech in front of my own husband. I was paralysed with fear about public speaking at my book launch. This was just 18 months ago and I can still remember the nauseous feeling in my stomach.

Putting yourself out there is intimidating. Why would you openly welcome the potential criticism of others?

That is how I used to feel about anything that put me in the spotlight – live videos, speaking events, posting a story to social media..

The thought alone would give me anxiety.
What if I messed up?
What if everyone was judging me?

But here’s the truth. If you’re afraid of failing, you’re afraid of getting better. That is a lesson I learned that very night, standing in a room packed with people reciting my speech and trying not to read from the script that was now stuck to my sweaty palms (glamorous, I know!)

Showing up every single day with no guarantee that you won’t screw up is about the most courageous and powerful thing you can do for your business.

Every day, I got better at showing up and started feeling comfortable and even enjoying it. You can do the same.

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And the best way I have found to overcome fear and show up every day and build a brand you love (through years of trying and testing methods) is when you have a clear step-by-step roadmap to do so.

Having a strategy is like wearing a suit of armour. It’s a solid structure that holds you accountable and prevents you from feeling overwhelmed in the day to day tasks like writing a blog post or doing an insta story.

So I just KNOW you are going to absolutely love my free training “The four surprising pillars to an engaging (and highly converting) online brand.”

Learn how to leverage your online brand so that you can effortlessly attract your dream clients and turm them into paying customers – WITHOUT the constant overwhelm and wasted hours spent aimlessly scrolling through instagram. It has been specifically designed with you in mind. I will uncover some of the biggest roadblocks that are preventing you from building a solid online presence and show you what to do about it.

I would absolutely love if you joined me and hope to see you there! Let’s put a plan in place and overcome fear together.

Kady x

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