How to protect your brand with Hazel McDwyer 🙌🏼

How to protect your brand with Hazel McDwyer 🙌🏼

In the past few months, Niall and I have entered the big bad world of property as we have been searching for our first home together.

Every week, I put together a spreadsheet (OCD, I know!) of all the places on our list and a schedule for the back-to-back viewings we had lined up each weekend. After a few weeks spent like this, we had pretty much run out of places we liked.

My husband showed me an ad for a unit in Bronte that didn’t look like much from the photos but because we had nothing else on the list, we decided to go check it out.

There were hardly any other buyers at the inspection and it turned out the place was an absolute winner, nestled in between Tamarama and Bronte beach, just a 4 minute walk from each one! We couldn’t believe our luck that it was in our price range and there weren’t too many other buyers there.

So that week, we set about getting contracts and were back and forth with the agents asking all of our questions. We weren’t in any major hurry and felt like we pretty much had it in the bag.

That’s when out of nowhere a new buyer entered the game offering a whopping $120K over asking price and it was sold to them within the day, right out from under our feet!

I was completely shocked as it seemed to come out of nowhere! But as I learned, unless you have something signed, sealed and delivered, then you’re just not secure. 

And that’s exactly how it seems to go when people realise their brand has become at risk as I found out speaking to Hazel McDwyer, a partner and IP lawyer at Gadens.

Because if you haven’t done your due diligence and made sure your brand name is secure legally, then you could also be running the risk of having the rug swept from under you.

So if you are wondering whether you should be trade-marking and protecting your brand, then jump over to todays video where I ask Hazel all of your burning questions!



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