How to stand out in a busy niche

So what is it that makes a brand stand out?

Let’s say you are a hairdresser, your going to need an extra element than ‘just being a hairdresser’ to stand out. You see, anybody can cut hair. Some are better than others. But the fact that you can cut hair is certainly not what sets you apart. What sets you apart is that X factor. The secret sauce. The unique quirks and traits you have or that you add to your service or product that makes your experience memorable.
So… “How do I uncover the secret sauce for my own brand?”, I hear you ask.
Good news. Because that’s why I’ve created this video – to help you uncover YOUR secret sauce and what little quirks will help your brand’s voice stand out in a crowd.

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After all, Tony Crabbe was right:
“There are three ways you can try to succeed in a competitive working environment: you can offer what you do at a cheaper rate, you can play the ‘more’ game or you can make an impact by doing things differently. Only the last of these will help you thrive.”
I am a big believer that each brand truly has a unique sauce that determines why a consumer will go to them instead of another.
So. Are you ready to uncover yours?



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