The industry secrets for creating a bestselling eBook

Many health experts share a common goal; to create an exceptional bestselling ebook they can add to their website that offers practical health advice or nourishing recipes. At Kady Creative, we have worked with some of the health industries leading influencers in bringing these bestselling ebooks to life. Here are 5 of the most common elements that make these ebooks’ a success.


#1 Always judge a book by its cover

Your cover is the first impression a customer gets, so it better be a good one! Do a survey with your friends to ensure you pick the catchiest title, use amazing photos and drool-worthy design. The cover is the most important page as this is what sells; and should be treated accordingly!


#2 Testing 1,2,3

When I contributed one of my recipes from my food blog Kady’s Kitchen to Jessica Sepels’ bestselling book the Healthy Life, I created and tested this recipe over 5 times! Make sure you test the recipes carefully, even ask some friends to test them for you. If your readers are blown away by your recipes, they will be loyal for life! Hello bestselling eBook number 2!


#3 Find your niche

The market is quite saturated with ebooks at the moment, so find what makes yours unique! When we designed an ebook for Brenda Janschek, it was specifically for hungry teens. For Anthia Koullouris’ beautiful ebook, it was for a winter cleanse. It will be much easier to market if you can find your niche.


#4 Pretty as a picture

Interesting content + amazing design = match made in creative heaven! Having great recipes and advice isn’t enough these days, your content must be visually beautiful. When we designed Real Food for Hungry Teens, it was transformed once we added the photos of the dishes we styled and shot for Brenda. We also made sure each recipe was layed out in a super clear, clean and fun way for people to use.


#5 Make it easy

Design is really two-fold. Not only do you want your content to be beautifully treated, great design should also always make the users’ experience a pleasure. The recipes and tips should be formatted so it is easily digested (pardon the pun!) by your readers. When we designed The Cleanest Gut by Jessica Sepel, there were lots of break out pages with printable tips. Making things really clear and breaking up the pages with new design elements keeps it interesting and easy to understand for your readers.


Finally, I would just say, have fun with it! Experiment, be a little different and show your personality throughout the pages. Don’t limit yourself to whats already out there. If you want a bestselling ebook, you need to stand out. In the wise words of Walt Disney, “If you can dream it, you can do it”.


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