Instagram Content Inspo: 3 Types of Posts that WORK

Welcome to Instagram Content 101. You know those drool-worthy insta accounts? The ones you find, follow and stalk IMMEDIATELY – let’s make you one of those!

Having beautiful instagram content is easy when you set aside some time to create, collect and schedule images in advance. Chances are, you’ve published some cringe-worthy posts before (Yep, I’m guilty too). Most likely you were on-the-run and needed to post fast. Let’s skip the overwhelm and the bad graphics by having it all done and dusted in advance like the pro that you are!

There are 3 ways to find insta-love worthy posts for your brand.

1 – Custom Instagram Content

You can create your own custom posts like motivational quotes or tips and tricks. If you’re not already using a design tool try canva! The best way to use Canva for your brand is using it with your brand guidelines. If you don’t have brand guidelines, do this:

Pick a maximum of 4 colours and a maximum of 3-4 fonts that you will consistently use.

Create one template for each strategy i.e. if you’re doing #WednesdayWords add a motivational quote and create a template you love. Then duplicate this every time you make a new one and update the copy.

2 – Your Work

People want to get to know you and your brand. Make sure you include authentic images of your work environment and your work. Be careful not to overdo it, your feed isn’t a sales pitch, it’s a visual way to represent your brand. A good rule of thumb is 1 in every 5 posts can be about you and/or your business.

3 – Brand Mood Board

Make sure you do your brand and audience research. Have a look at what you uncovered here. Look at what good competitors post. Look at the likes and hobbies of your target audience. From this, create a Pinterest moodboard filled with images that compliment your audiences world.

Pick 3-4 categories of what you will be posting. Eg.

Minimalist architecture
Packaging design
Beach imagery
The sea

Start to fill your Pinterest board. You can also find free images using Unsplash. These images will build a library that you can use for instagram content on the days you don’t use your brand strategy.

Good luck and as always, comment and link your Instagram feed if you’d like feedback from the team at Kady Creative. Most importantly, have fun with it – you’ve got this!

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