All You Ever Need to Know to Nail the Game

All You Ever Need to Know to Nail the Game

With so much confusion as to how to maximise results with instagram, we have put together this thorough instagram guide just for you! With over 600 million active instagram users worldwide, you’re going to need a pretty strong strategy to stand out from the pack. Gone are the days of sporadic updates of what you had for lunch if you want to be successful with instagram. If you’re using it for business, treat it like a business tool. You need to have a strategy that you monitor and tweak regularly based on results.


Now don’t panick if this sounds much too analytical for you because trust me, it’s actually easy! You do not need to spend hours of your day scrolling through your feed and trying to find random followers. With a PLAN, you are ahead of the game. You will be working smarter NOT harder.


One of our core beleifs here at Kady Creative is to work smart not hard and we are going to share all of our insights with you so you can maximise your results without going cross-eyed from staring at a screen in the process. We know you are a time poor entrepreneur who has better things to be doing, so, without much further ado, let us introduce our all-you-ever-need instagram guide!


Instagram Guide #01 – Know who you are talking to

If you already have a brand, chances are, you know your target audience down to a T. If not, our Niche Marketing worksheet has your name all over it.

You have got to know WHO you are talking to before you can figure out WHAT you are going to say.


Instagram Guide #02 – Kill the competition

Ok, not literally, because that is illegal and we do not endorse that. But you do need to know them inside and out. By competition, it does not have to be brands that you are directly competing with. Instead, look at all of the brands that are going after the same target audience and decide which ones are most successful. Now it is time to stalk them like an ex-boyfriend (what? We don’t do that either). You can use tools like Iconosquare to search the user and see:

  • What posts get the most likes
  • What the most popular hashtags they use are
  • What posts get the most interaction


This helps you to get an insight of what your target audience likes and what is already working for them. This should help you to come up with ideas based on the data you have found.


Instagram Guide #03 – Strategise


It is always a good idea to spend time on strategy. Then once you have a strategy in place it takes the thinking out of the day to day posting. Day to day, you should just be following your plan and that is why the plan saves you time. To come up with some great strategies for your brand, use our custom guide.


Instagram Guide #04 – If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it


There is an amazing free tool online called Union Metrics. Use this to get analytics for your account. From their reports, you can check things like the best time of day to post, the hashtags that are performing the best for you and a whole heap of other cool things! Make sure to check in with this weekly for the best results as in the fast moving world of instagram, this data is ever-changing!


Instagram Guide #05 – It’s time to get creative!


Now it is time to create and collect your content. To save you time, it’s always best to batch this work. I like to create and schedule my social media content in 2 week intervals. Need some inspiration on how to create insta-love worthy imagery? This post is for you. 


Instagram Guide #06 – Schedule your posts

Use a program like Hootesuite to schedule your content. Upload a rotation of images from each category and schedule it for the best times of day you have researched. Add your caption and make sure to add some hashtags to get your posts noticed!

Top Tip: So you are not cluttering your post, format it like the following:

Who wants to escape to this amazing luxury beach in Koh Samui?!




#beach #travel #escape #holiday #thailand #wanderlust

This way the hashtags will be hidden.;)


Top Tip No 2: You can still use emojics from your computer!

CTRL + CMD + SPACE = Emoji Keyboard (on MAC)