Interview with the League of Extraordinary women

This week I was interviewed by the team at League of Extraordinary women about starting my business and all of the challenges that went along with it. I loved being featured and it was a great opportunity to reflect on all of those lessons learned! I hope you enjoy it x

League of Extraordinary Women: Starting a business can be gruelling – what keeps you motivated, and keeps you going?

Having an amazing support network. You need to get out there and join clubs such as the League to find your tribe. You need to have peers and mentors to talk about things with. I am also a huge fan of business coaching and I am always looking to work with a coach, mentor or group. You will go insane if you do not have this support, I promise! Plus, there is nothing more amazing than connecting with people on a similar path and to support and encourage one another. Some beautiful friendships have developed out of these business relationships that I am so grateful to have.


LOEW: How do you create a work-life balance?

By trying to switch off! Initially I worked from home and my partner would have to physically remove my laptop from a white knuckled grip to get me to stop working at night. There were no boundaries in place and I had no end-point from where my business stopped and my personal life started. I recently rented a space in a converted warehouse in Paddington and it is epic to have that separation. Plus, I am actually far more productive! That plus having a really good structure in place to make the most of your time helps no end. Instead of staring at one never-ending to-do list and getting sucked down that rabbit hole, try to batch different tasks and put them in your calendar so that you know when you will come back to that task. It helps to manage the overwhelm.


Read the full interview with the League of Extraordinary Women here.


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