MINI MASTERCLASS: My simple iMovie editing tutorial (part 4)


So you’ve recorded your video like a pro and are ready to get posting! This next tutorial teaches you how to edit your video using iMovie so it looks and sounds the part.

One of the biggest things that stop people using video in their content is that they are worried they will mess up their lines or make a mistake.

With these quick and easy editing tips, you can wave that worry goodbye! You can simply delete any sections of the video you’ve gotten wrong, and also add sound and graphic overlays, and brighten the footage to take your videos to the next level.

Video Workbook   

Once you have your editing down pat, I’ll be back in your inbox next week to show you how to convert this video into the perfect video for IGTV.

I’m all about maximising your results and minimising your effort. So for every video you create, you will have content for Facebook/ IGTV/ Insta posts/ stories and Youtube, using the same one piece of content and slicing it in different ways.

Once you have the hang of this, it becomes easy to batch-create multiple pieces of content.

Video Workbook  

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