Our Top Website Conversion Secrets

Our Top Website Conversion Secrets

The biggest mistake I see people making with their website is that they haven’t thought through their conversion strategy.

Think of your website as a shopfront. Now imagine you have 5 people outside the shopfront that are all selling different products from your store. As you approach the store, they all start shouting at you to get your attention. Would you be likely to approach? Or run as fast as you can in the opposite direction? I thought so!

Now imagine you have one friendly person outside the store who is speaking directly to you and offering to help guide you through the store. Much better experience huh?

And what you need to remember when  creating a website is that it’s your job to guide them through the store. Every touchpoint should be strategically placed to lead them on the journey you want them to have. 

I know the word ‘funnel’ alone is enough the get some of our clients wanting to hide under their blankets but it really doesn’t have to be over-complicated once you get the concept and principles.

And luckily, I’m covering all of this in todays video 🙌🏼 So enjoy diving in and if you have any questions about your website or customer journey just hit reply and I’m more than happy to help.

Here’s to dreaming big,

Kady x