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Ahara Health

BRANDING, Web design

Ahara means to use food to support the health of body and mind. A very fitting name for Alyce’s wonderful naturopathy clinic. Alyce came to us with a vision of creating a holistic business with a focus on community and the collective. She wanted to have a modern take on traditional health practices and for the branding to be unique with an elegant, feminine, earthy feel.

The logo is geometric and linear to create a feel that is refined, while using a confidant serif font for the copy that is a nod to the history of naturopathy. The branding has evolved around clean lines, rustic colours and earthy tones to reflect the integrity and inclusiveness of the brand Ahara health.


“I needed someone to help take my dream and turn it into a reality – which is exactly what you have done. You are seriously gorgeous! Inside and out. I love how excited you are about wholefood living and it’s because of this that we clicked and that you helped make my vision a reality. Every step has been amazing!”

Alyce Cimino, Founder of Ahara Health

Lets make some magic happen