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Tara Castellan

BRANDING, Photography, Web design

When a gorgeous & talented stylist comes to you to style their brand, it is a huge honour and a big challenge. How can we capture the essence of Tara’s style through her branding and let her effortless chic style shine through?

Collaborating with Tara was so much fun and it was a joy to create something so elegant and feminine for her. We used a couple of matte pastels in the colour palette so that Tara could switch up her look depending on the vibe of what she was doing, while maintaining a symmetrical and uniform brand by sticking meticulously to the brand guidelines. The contrast of a loose script with a modern sans-serif worked like a dream to capture the brands quirk across the brand, lead magnet and website.

“I needed fresh branding and a website that was a true representation of me and the work I do. I also needed to be able to work with someone who could translate and understand my ideas and thoughts on what I wanted and hoped for with it all! Everything I wanted.. {became possible}! I feel super grateful firstly, and secondly I feel like the next steps I want to take with my business are much more achievable now we have laid the foundations down! You are a sweet, lovely, creative and talented lady who I adored working (and will continue to work) with!”

Tara Castellan

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