The Client:

Jennifer Skylas


  • Web design
  • Web development

Jennifer Skylas is a Mind-Body Coach, personal trainer and Co-Founder of Synergy Move Nourish, an exclusive boutique training studio and jiujitsu school. She is dedicated to helping women strengthen and nourish their bodies without sacrificing themselves. Jenn approached us to create a strategic website and map out her ideal customer journey. As a deeply personal brand, Jenn found it tricky to take a step back and clearly communicate what she offered to her customers (something that is all too common among business owners trying to articulate their brand’s strategy and identity themselves!).

We provided an invaluable objective pair-of-eyes and created a clear customer journey that offered the right information at the right time to viewers as they navigated through the site. We advised on the page structure and information hierarchy, facilitated the website build and filled each page with strategic copywriting that perfectly communicated Jenn’s brand and tone of voice. This website positions Jenn as a confident and authentic trusted expert, strategically leveraging her authentically to connect to her target audience. Jenn is doing some incredible work for women and we’ve had the absolute pleasure to be able to bring this vision to life and allow her to reach more people and touch more lives.


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