The Client:

The Catalysis Group


  • Brand strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Copywriting

Finally, a company that can help you master your cash flow, maximise your time and supercharge your business’ growth. The Catalysis Group encourages you to forget the over-complicated systems you don’t need and focus on strategies that deliver results. With over 13 years of experience in the business and banking industry, they’ve uncovered the simple strategies every business needs to achieve just that.

The founder of the Catalysis Group approached us with a specific task: how can he get his audience to understand tech and automation and see the benefit of what he does? Hell, is it even possible to make it look and sound sexy?! We started by creating the brand strategy and crafting a compelling story, one that made sense to people and spoke to the problems they were having and their desired outcomes. By linking what TCG does to these everyday business problems, we connected the dots between the brand’s offering and the audience’s pain points.

We knew we had to make this all easy to understand, so we established a brand process for TCG and illustrated this using fun, quirky and elegant designs to simplify what they do to convince and convert their customers. People love to know there is a defined system in place to achieve results and we were able to work with TCG to transform what they do into a formula that was simple to communicate. The result? We unlocked more time, cash flow and growth for TCG itself along the way!


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