The Client:

The Compassionate Road


  • Branding
  • Web design
  • Web development

Gemma Davis is a naturopath, yoga teacher and animal ambassador based in sunny Bondi. Her mission is to inspire mindful choices and create positive change through food education. We wanted to combine all of Gemmas many skills with her warm and caring approach to helping others and animals. We created this bespoke logo using the ‘O’ as a mechanism to join the ‘M’ showing a helping hand and showing her connection to animals and the planet. We went for a very delicate colour palette to make the site very approachable but also clean and refined. The site was built on Squarespace and highlights Gemmas fantastic food photography and the work she publishes, including her recent cookbook The Compassionate Kitchen.

“I was soooo happy with the design and time line when working with Kady! I will keep working with her into the future as she is not only talented but lovely to deal with!”

— Gemma Davis, The Compassionate road


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