Q+A: SEO Basics with Google My Business

We have been getting a lot of questions lately about SEO best practices that we have decided to start a Q+A with you guys about everything business related! Yep, thats right, you can now ask us about anything under the sun!

Just pop a comment below with all for your burning questions.

This week we are starting with a very simple but very beneficial google SEO tip. We received a great question about it just last week.


Maeve asks, “How have you added the Google piece to the right of this pic? Is that Google+?”


To get your business details to appear the right side of the website using search results, it is by using something called Google My Business. There are so many reasons to add this feature to your website and it a super easy to give your SEO results a boost!


#1 It adds your business across all of Google including in google maps.

If somebody is searching for a bakery in Bondi, your business will appear in the results just because of it’s location! This is so great as usually, to appear in search results, you have to either pay for ads or use an SEO service to get you a great algorithm. This on the other hand is a completely  free way of appearing in the results.


#2 It makes your website more SEO friendly

Because you have made it clear to business that you have a confirmed address, Google takes this into consideration in the algorithm as it knows you are a legit business which benefits your rankings


#3 It is a quick and easy way for customers to have access to your contact details without even having to click into your website.



The less decisions a potential client has to make, the more likely they will just pick up the phone and call you. If they have to click into your website and navigate to your contact page, chances are, they will just contact another business instead with a phone number right in front of them.



#4 Easily get reviews

It allows your loyal customers to leave a review of your business, again significantly impacting your SEO in a good way


#5 Take advantage of Google +

Google + is a great way of sharing all of your posts and updates and another great way of spreading your content to get noticed.


Now how the heck do I do this?

All you have to do is register for free, then they will send you a postcard with a serial number on it. This is how they authenticate your address. Once the code arrives, simply update your profile and your business is registered.


Need more SEO help?

If you need help with some in-depth keyword research and want to have guaranteed first page results on Google, the first 10 people to contact us for our SEO packages are entitled to 25% off. Be quick!
Happy Optimising!

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