STYLE: 3 wardrobe essentials with Tara Castellan

This week we have an extra special guest post from our incredibly talented and amazing client Tara Castellan. Tara is a stylist and creative consultant based in Sydney with over 16 years experience in the Australian fashion Industry. She totally gets’ how as entrepreneurs sometimes we work from home or cafes and it is very tempting to dress casually. (I know I sure am guilty of this sometimes! #activewear) But I noticed a massive difference in how you feel and how productive you are by getting up, going out, dressing well and making that extra effort. You feel so much more on top of things! As they say “Dress for the career you WANT, not the one you have”.

So without further ado, here are Tara’s top tips for dressing to impress and making sure you are always a good representation of your brand style.



With February here, the sense of excitement for 2018 has really started to build and all of the possibilities and creative ideas are ready to be brought to life through your businesses with ease and STYLE, it’s also essential to keep this (ease and style) ideal front and centre when it comes to your daily sartorial choices and wardrobe. As entrepreneurs, working from home requires  more mindful wardrobe choices because you are still representing a brand / business, dealing with clients, deadlines and anything else that comes up ( impromptu meeting!), so the power of what you wear and how you dress daily can really make the difference between good productivity and GREAT productivity and have you ready for anything.


What you wear comes down to knowing what you have in your wardrobe, how it fits into your lifestyle and having  key classic pieces that you feel amazing in and that work back with everything else you already  have. Classic pieces are simple, unfussy and chic. They fit you beautifully and are a go-to saviour when you open your wardrobe at 7am and think “I have nothing to wear!”


Here are three classic pieces that every woman should own, love and wear …



 There is a reason why everyone from Audrey Hepburn to Kate Moss has been photographed in a white shirt. A white shirt is classic, timeless and can be worked back with anything in your wardrobe. Dressed up or down and regardless of age, industry, lifestyle or climate, there is always one to suit.



Dark blue, no embellishments, fadeout, rips or branding with a slight stretch for comfort. Team these with a statement tee, necklace and sneakers, a  bright knit and ankle boots, or heels, silk cami and jacket. Once you have found your perfect fitting pair you will never be without them and the outfit options are truly endless.



Leopard is a classic staple that when done well, can lift any outfit to a completely new stylish level. A great way to introduce leopard is to start small with a scarf and work your way up to a printed tee or a introduce the print into your wardrobe via a luxurious silk shirt ( make sure it’s a fit that works for you!) Leopard sandals or ballet flats can really add a punch to a monochromatic outfit or add some playfulness with red, pink or green.   


The how you dress is all about how you make the outfit reflect you, your personality and how you make it come alive. This could be simply be by adding your favourite pair of earrings, or layering up some necklaces,  getting creative with your shoe choice, or even trying something a little unexpected.

 Having these key pieces in your wardrobe will mean many more outfit  options AND a give you a reason to get more creative because dressing every day should not be a chore, it should be fun and empowering!



Thank you so much Tara! Learn more and connect with Tara (Read: stalk her for some style inspo) here!

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