The 4 biggest website sins (that are WAY too common!) and your chance to get a personal website audit 🙌🏼

I was at a networking event the other week and started talking to a really lovely and established business coach that had just started her own podcast.

It sounded great and I asked her for her business card so we could stay in touch and as she handed it over to me, I couldn’t believe what she said!

She handed me the card and sheepishly said ‘just don’t go onto my website, it’s so bad, I hate giving out my cards in case anyone goes on there.’


It was like I had just asked if I could pop round to her house unannounced and she hadn’t yet cleaned the place that week.

The crazy thing is that so many people feel that same sense of shame and embarrassment about their websites. And when you feel like that, you (consciously or subconsciously) are basically hoping people do not look up your business online. 

But the reality is the whole point of having a website is to attract your dream audience!

And so often all it takes is a couple of tweaks to take a website from MEH to AH-MEH-ZING (that didn’t quite work, but let’s just roll with it 😉

So this week, I have created a video that shows you the 4 biggest website sins AND how to fix them! 

Not only that, but I am offering a limited number of FREE website audits this month. So if you’ve been endlessly tweaking your website and still feel like somethings missing, you’re going to want to jump on this one quick!




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