The F Word You Can’t Avoid in Business

A couple of weeks ago, we started a weekly Live video over on instagram called Weekly Wine Down where we answer all your biz and brand questions while – you guessed it – winding down over a glass of vino!

And last week a very interesting question came up about the F word. You know the one. The one we run and try to hide from and hope it will never find us. Failure. Specifically, what our biggest failure has been.

It was so interesting as Lianna and I couldn’t even think of one on the spot. Nope, not because we’ve never failed. For Lianna, she noticed she just doesn’t overthink it when she does fail and store it away in a mental file labelled ‘failures’.

For me, I realised that there were so many to even keep count of that I’ve sort of become immune.

In the past year alone, I’ve failed at:
– Facebook paid advertising despite doing multiple courses and iterations of our ads (damn you algorithm gods!)
– Securing about 4 apartments in the last moment or at auction, even after paying lots of $$ to do the due diligence
– Ice skating after only a couple of classes and then giving up
– Work-life balance, as I soon found out via adrenal fatigue and burnout 🙁
– Webinars. Accidentally sent all registrants the wrong link and so I was presenting live for one hour to one attendee, which I later realised was MYSELF! And didn’t realise the mistake I had made until afterwards 🙄

I literally fail at about 10 things each week and if I’m trying something new, more often than not it’s a complete and total fail.

It only stops being a ‘fail’ 5, 6 or 10 times later. But that’s the key. We need to stop looking at things as ‘failure’ and keep pushing through until it works.

Nobody has any special abilities that stop them from failing. Everyone has to struggle through new things until they come out the other side. So we need to take some of the pressure off of ourselves and especially stop comparing our ‘failures’ with pros that have been doing what they’re doing for years.

So I hope by sharing some of my setbacks this year it will make you feel even 1% better about yours.

Be proud of your failures. It means you’re truly living. You’re growing and learning and leaving your comfort zone behind you.

If you’d like to check out the full video, you can do so here

I’d LOVE your feedback on this new series! Plus if you have any questions for next time, just hit reply and I’d love to hear them.

Here’s to dreaming big!



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