The power of PR in building your brand with Alicia Penhorwood ✨

When my husband and I decided to get married in a church last year, we soon realised we would have to work for it! 

In order to be eligible to wed in a church, you have to enroll in a marriage course, which we did in Bondi.

So for four weeks, we spent every Thursday evening with a group of ten other couples learning about marriage and what makes relationships work according to some well-known psychologists like John Gottman that have done extensive research and studies.

As much as we complained about having to do this involuntary course at the time (who has time for that?!), it was actually a really interesting insight into relationships, which can apply to more than just couples.

We learned about the 5 love languages which is how people show and feel love: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time and physical touch.

This alone is so interesting to apply to your clients and team in order to learn what makes them feel good (although maybe not the physical touch part, that would just be creepy!)

Anyway, in one of the studies, it showed how much more receptive and open-minded a person will be once you have built up a ‘good-will bank’ with them. 

In the context of relationships, this just means that if you are generally a great partner and often do and say nice things, then if/when you slip up, it is very easy to forgive.

This really stuck with me because I believe in every relationship you should have a great good-will bank built up – especially if you want to ask for something and have a better chance of getting a yes.

Far too often, I see brands and businesses ask for things without building this good-will up. Whether it’s asking for a sale, a collaboration or even wondering why they don’t get more likes and comments on their social media posts.

It’s so important to build up good will first and show clients / partners that you care and are willing to put in the work. 

So it was really interesting to hear Alicia Penhorwood, founder of PR agency Harper Collective, speak about PR and the emphasis she puts on building strong relationships (before you make any requests).

In todays’ video, we dig into how you can build these relationships and also how to know when to pitch the media or peers to collaborate.

It’s a great listen for anyone that wants to start using PR in their business but doesn’t quite know how to get started.



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