Top tips to keep your brand consistent (EVEN when you're busy!)

Top tips to keep your brand consistent (EVEN when you’re busy!)

You know what one of my pet peeves is ? I’m VERY all or nothing. 

I’m either going to yoga five days a week and juicing or doing nothing at all. Because if I can’t do it all, what’s the point? Of course logically I am aware doing something is better than nothing but subconsciously it’s a struggle.

Same goes for food and photography which are both passions of mine. 

I’ll think “Well I don’t have time to cook in the middle of the day and take photos in perfect natural lighting so there’s no point posting them to my blog or instagram – they’ll just look crap.” 

Or even when I buy things “Well I only need one pair of jeans so there’s no point going shopping or making an order, I’ll just wait until I need 10 things.” Talk about taking the joy out of shopping for myself! 

Do you ever think and act like this? Like it has to be all or nothing, one or the other?=

What I’ve realised is this is just a form of perfectionism trying to keep us playing small and in our comfort zones. Instead of aiming for perfection, we should be striving for continual progress.

And what I’ve noticed is that so many of us (myself included) will go full steam ahead in our business and branding only for it to dwindle away and drop off because we get busy. 

We don’t have the energy to make things as perfect as they were when we had the time so we don’t do it at all.

But the trick is to stay consistent even if it means we are not perfect. I believe in progress over perfection and to build your brand the most important thing is recency and frequency.

So even if you don’t have time to craft the perfect pitch or shoot the worlds most amazing video, just do something to move the needle forward. 

So in this weeks video, I’ve given you my best tips for keeping your brand presence consistent even when you’re super busy.

I hope you enjoy and as always,

Here’s to dreaming big!