What I learned from my very first online program

Who would have thought launching a online program could distract you so much you forget to breathe!

“Ok now breathe into my hand”, my chiropractor said placing his hand on my stomach.
“Hmm nope you’re still not doing it, try again”

As it turns out, my body had forgotten how to actually use my diaphragm (you know, that thing you use to breathe) and my breathing was completely shallow in my chest.

I had worked myself up into such a state that the right side of my body was also out of alignment.

You may be thinking, what could possibly be happening? Surely you were in a crazy fight with a landlord or maybe someone is threatening to remove cheese from your diet?

Nope, this was all completely internal pressure and fears in the lead up to creating and launching my new online program, Brandfluence.

As a semi-reformed perfectionist, the idea of creating a new program when I hadn’t yet:
• Perfected my teaching skills
• Figured out the technology involved in an online program platform
• Used facebook ads, webinars or sales funnels
• Become accustomed to a group dynamic and tailoring content to a group of very different people

..Scared the pants off me.

I was waking up in the middle of the night with cold sweats battling with the idea of whether I would be able to pull this off.

I knew deep down this was all part of my process in putting myself WAY out of my comfort zone and evolving into a new level and new direction in my life and career.

But, wow, that did not bring much comfort at the time!

I’ve been thinking this week about what I would have told myself looking back and what lessons I can take on board from this exhilarating experience. Because, now that I am surrounded by the most epic group of humans you could ever ask for, pushing through our fears together and building an epic brand we can be proud of, committing to showing up online every day and getting better and better…… I could not be more grateful and proud for having smashed through those fears and left them in the dust.

Facebook ads are not the answer!

I’ll be the first to admit that I was extremely naïve when I dived head first into creating a program and using digital marketing to launch it. Had I done my homework? Sure. I had read up on all there was to know about the ‘formula’ to launch an online program and use facebook ads and webinars to sell it.
Live videos – check
Facebook ads (using video) – check
Free download which sold program in email sequence – check

I did all of the things that were recommended by most experts. However, hundreds of dollars in ad spend later, I had zero sign-ups from the ads themselves. You see, most of the people that see a facebook ad will be a cold audience and a hard sell.

Now, am I saying facebook ads do not work? Of course not! Facebook is a very powerful platform, but here’s the caveat. People need to interact with a brand multiple times to build up the know, like and trust factor. If you want to build up the number of interactions with your brand using facebook ads alone, I hope you have very deep pockets.

The power of warm leads

I’ve always believed in the power of an engaged brand and building a community, and this launch has proven to me 100% that this is what works. So much so that I will be doubling my efforts to build an engaged audience by creating helpful content every single week – even (and especially) when I have nothing to promote. This will stand to you. 95% of the members of Brandfluence have engaged with my brand for at least a year before purchasing the program. They have been on my email list and following me on social media. Don’t underestimate the power of nurturing the leads you already have and continuing to build up your email list. If you’re not sure hoe to get started, grab our free guide for choosing the perfect opt-in to grow your list.

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We are all more alike than we think

My vision for BRANDFLUENCE was to bring like-minded business owners together to support each other in building an online brand they could be proud of. I noticed working 1:1 with clients that they ALL had the same struggles. They were intimidated by putting themselves out there online and worried about not looking the part and putting their best foot forward. Couple this with the busy schedule of a small business owner and the whole thing can seem extremely daunting.

By bringing this group together, it has been extraordinary to watch the connections that have built already and how each member is cheering the other on. In our weekly calls, they get to hear questions about the training materials from one another which has been powerful in gaining insights for their own brand. Plus, it allows them to see that we are all going through the same thing and there is nothing abnormal about their fears and struggles!

Fear is something we all just have to push past

Creating and launching this online program put me COMPLETELY out of my comfort zone. I have been working 1:1 with my clients for years and this feels so comfortable and natural to me. Not once would I ever second guess whether I can help a client achieve success or create a brand they love. But with this online program, EVERYTHING was new.

I did not sleep properly for the entire month of March. I would lie down at night and my mind would be racing with fears and anxiety about whether I would be able to pull this off. I found meditating and visualising the outcome I desired every day the best thing to help me and each day I would have to consciously re-frame my thoughts and mindset. I learned that you have to push through your fears and try to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. It means you are growing and evolving and is the only way you can achieve your dreams and goals. I am so glad I pushed through or I would never have experienced what was waiting on the other side.

Brandfluence online program – the most rewarding thing I have ever done

I know that may sound cliché but it’s true. I feel more calm and in flow than I have in years. I feel a shift in my entire being where I am being driven from a place of purpose and passion rather than anxiety and passion. The fact that this group has invited me in to lead them through this journey and trusted me completely to join a program that has never been done before makes me feel so much gratitude. I feel such a sense of satisfaction to see them go through my course material which is the exact step-by-step process I used to build my own brand and get such great feedback. As my friend Steph said last week after a facebook live bonus training, “You are just in your element!”. That sums it up perfectly and having felt the weight of my own fears and internal pressure for weeks before makes this so much sweeter.

I still have so much to learn and I know this journey is only getting started. But I wanted to share the learnings with you in the hopes that you too will lean into your fears and try that thing you’ve always wanted to do, even though you have no guarantee of success and could make a huge fool of yourself! Do it anyway! The reward will be worth it.

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