Create an Irresistible Feedback Form in 7 Simple Steps

As a service based business, the worst thing you can do is make assumptions about what your clients want. It is very easy to assume that everything is going well and your clients all love your service – especially if you get positive feedback. But using a feedback form is about so much more than whether a service is good or bad. If you are still in business, it is safe to say it must be pretty good, right?

But we are all about making it GREAT. And what an easy to tactic to use – actually ask your clients what they want! Not only does it give you amazing insight but it can also give you ideas about the next service to promote or what there is demand for. As a small business, it is so important to find your edge. If you ask a series of questions that delves into WHY a client chose you and what they liked about you, this is something you need to promote. It is very hard to see your own business the way a client would. A fresh set of eyes will give you a whole new perspective on your business.


#1 Add an incentive to your feedback form

I have found the best way to implement this strategy is to make it part of your process. Create a form and make it a habit to send it to your clients once each job has been completed. If you can, offer some sort of incentive for filling it out. Nobody really likes to have extra admin work to do, so give them a little reward to sweeten your ask!


#2 Create an email template to use when sending your feedback form

Make the process as easy as possible for yourself so that you will actually stick to it! Let your client know how much you appreciate their business and how important their feedback and input is to you. Make sure you let them know how much you value what they have to say and they will have no problem answering a few questions in your feedback form.


#3 Say less with more

Every single question you ask should have a reason behind it. Why do you want to know that? How will their answer help you to improve your business? Your clients are giving you their time so make sure to use it wisely – you dont want them abandoning the form midway because it’s too long!


#4 Use an online feedback form

Use a software like typeform. Not only does it look professional – it is also super easy to fill out as it asks one question at a time. If you send a document full of questions to a client, it will look much more off-putting.


#5 Ask open-ended questions.

This is coming back to the not making assumptions thing. By asking open ended questions, it gives your client a chance to give their honest feedback – and it may be about something you have never previously considered.


#6 Some question ideas

Here is a sneak peak at some questions we use that work really well. 🙂

  • Would you recommend our services? If so, why and to who?
  • Did you have any hesitations about working with us?
  • What did you like best about working with us?
  • Is there anything you would like to see done differently? If so, What?
  • What features make us stand out from our competitors (eg. service, price..)
  • Is there anything else you would like to add?


#7 Make sure you ask for permission to use the feedback

It’s all well and good if you get amazing feedback from a raving client. But it’s even better if you can then use that to shout about your service from the rooftops! Make sure you include a question at the end of your form asking if your client would be happy to use this feedback along with their name for marketing purposes.
So, have you been sending out a feedback form? What questions have worked best for you? Comment below, would love to hear!

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